Gre Barrons audio word list!!

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Analogies -2

  1. SKETCH:PAINTING::outline:essay
  2. GEAR:TOOTH::screw:thread
  3. EXECUTOR:WILL::soldier:order
  4. PRODIGALITY:SPENDING::gluttony:eating
  5. BASTE:DRYNESS::caulk:moistness
  6. DROSS:METAL::chaff:grain
  7. GUST:WIND::flare:light
  8. DUCTILITY:MALLEABLE::toxicity:poisonous
  9. RAIL:VEHEMENCE::entreat:urgency
  1. SCYTHE:REAPER::axe:woodcutter
  2. DISCOMBOBULATED:ORDER::erratic:consistency
  3. FERVOR:ZEALOT::doubt:skeptic
  4. COLTISH:DISCIPLINE::loutish:grace
  5. AWL:PIERCE::pestle:mash
  6. COMPLIMENT:FLATTERY::deference:subservience
  7. TAXONOMIST:CLASSIFY::carpenter:build
  8. UPBRAID:DISAPPROVAL::lament:grief
  9. ANATHEMA:CURSE::theocracy:state


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